The Laboratory for Personalized Medicine (LPM) is located in the Center for Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School (HMS). LPM focuses on the concept of personalized medicine and preventative health care for individuals based on their specific medical, family, and genetic characteristics. Our projects examine the impact of genetic variation on the dosing and response to medications. Our main objective is to demonstrate the potential healthcare benefits of personalized medicine.

Opportunities at LPM

  • For general interest in working at the LPM, send CV, statement of objective, and interests to Peter Tonellato: Contact Info
  • LPM currently has TWO NEW position available for appointment:

    Visit our Opportunities page for more information and details about applying.

Recent Publications

Peter J Tonellato, James M. Crawford, Mark S. Boguski, Jeffrey E. Saffitz. A national agenda for the future of pathology in personalized medicine: report of the proceedings of a meeting at the banbury conference center on genome-era pathology, precision diagnostics, and preemptive care: a stakeholder summit. Am J Clin Pathol. 2011 May;135:668-672.
Tonellato et al discuss the future of genomic pathology in AJCP. The following editorials reflect on this work.
Jeffrey S. Ross. Next-generation pathology. Am J Clin Pathol. 2011 May;135:663-665.
AMP Whole Genome Analysis Working Group. The Association for Molecular Pathology's approach to supporting a global agenda to embrace personalized genomic medicine. 2011;13:249-51.<.dt>
James M. Musser. Third-track pathology: in unambiguous support of the banbury conference report. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2011;135:687-688.
Dennis P Wall, Rimma Pivovarov, Mark Tong, Jae-Yoon Jung, Vincent A Fusaro, Todd F DeLuca, Peter J Tonellato. Genotator: A disease-agnostic tool for genetic annotation of disease. BMC Medical Genomics 2010. 2010;3:50.
Wall DP, Kudtarkar P, Fusaro VA, Pivovarov R, Patil P, Tonellato PJ. Cloud computing for comparative genomics. BMC Bioinformatics. 2010;11:259.

News and Events

  • The Laboratory for Personalized Medicine and Dr. Tonellato have been mentioned in a recent GenomeWeb article discussing the challenges involved in analyzing and applying genome sequencing information.
       Article Transcript

  • LPM would like to extend a welcome to the 2012 summer interns that will be participating in the lab. We are glad to welcome Charlie Murphy from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Charlie has previously worked in Dr. Tonellato's Laboratory for Public Health Informatics and Genomics in Wisconsin, and this summer will be joining us at Countway Library.

    The lab is also participating in a number of summer research programs designed to introduce underprivileged or minority students to the field of biomedical informatics. From the Summer Clinical Research and Training Program (SCTRP) we welcome Kyle Gahagan, an upcoming senior at Rochester University of Technology. Additionally, a promising high school student, Fabrice Bernadeau will join the lab as a part of the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center CURE program.

    Last but certainly not least, two high school students, Nakia Ellies and Aidan Low will participate in the lab via the Project Success program.

    LPM extends its warmest welcomes to our new summer interns!

  • Congratulations to Vincent Fusaro for being featured in an article published on GenomeWeb! Click here to read the article

  • LPM and Amazon web services recently collaborated on a brief case study video highlighting LPM's use of Amazon Web Services' Cloud Computing for the analysis and translation of whole genome data to produce personalized medical care:

  • Congratulations to Vincent Fusaro, Ph.D. On June 27, Dr. Fusaro's application for a K99 Grant through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was selected for funding. Great job Vince!

  • From May 23rd – May 24th, CBMI hosted The Future of Pathology in Personalized Medicine, a follow-up to the Banbury meeting on genome-era pathology last October. The meeting addressed the steps the LPM and other labs are taking to implement whole genome analysis into the clinic. Dr. Tonellato gave a talk at the conference on the LPM's whole genome analysis pipeline.

  • The Laboratory For Personalized Medicine (LPM) has developed two future-looking breast cancer patient scenarios that demonstrate one perspective of the use of whole genome analysis (WGA) in best practice medicine. True, there are yet many technological, biomedical knowledge and efficacy work to be done between today’s best practice and that portrayed in the videos. However, key important steps have already been accomplished that make our videos closer to reality. These include, the ability to run WGA as a laboratory test, the technology that allows a whole genome to be sequenced in a single day, the competative business that has driven WGA to below $10,000, a 6-fold reduction in the past ten years.

    A 50 year old woman named Rhonda at high risk for breast cancer due to family history presents at a breast cancer clinic. Genomic sequencing is used to quantify Rhonda’s risk, and years later (after she develops the disease) to subtype her tumor and guide Rhonda’s personalized treatment regimen (13 minutes):

    A 63 year old women named Karen at moderate risk for breast cancer is diagnosed with triple negative disease using conventional medical practice. Genetic sequencing and WGA of her tumor cells guides physicians towards a radical novel gene therapy, which is used to great success (9.5 minutes):

    A presentation of both Rhonda's and Karen's scenarios (17.5 minutes):

  • Michiyo Yamada returned to Japan on May 5th as part of project HOPE's operation Rising Sun. Project HOPE (Health Opportunities for People Everywhere) provides long term access to medications and supplies to disaster-stricken areas.
  • Harvard for Japan is a cross-Harvard alliance created in response to the Great Tohoku Earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Their goal is to spread awareness of the effects of the earthquake and to help affected regions. Click the link above to learn more. You may also donate to the cause here.

  • On Tuesday, December 14th, Dr. Tonellato, Dr. Wall, and Prasad Patil will be traveling to Cairo, Egypt to take part in a conference on biomedical engineering, as well as a cloud computing workshop.

    December 17th, Dr. Tonellato will present a talk, "Personalized Medicine: An Approach to Optimal Individualized Warfarin Treatment through Clinical Trial Simulations" at the 5th Cairo International Conference on Biomedical Engineering as well serving as co-chair during a bioinformatics and data-mining session earlier in the day.

    On the 18th and 19th, Drs. Tonellato and Wall, and Prasad Patil will participate in a cloud computing workshop at Nile University in Cairo. The workshop was organized jointly by Dr. Tonellato and our collaborators at Nile University, Dr. Mohamed Abouelhoda, and Prof. Moustafa Ghanem.

    Dr. Tonellato will give two talks:
        - "Cloud Computing for Scientific Applications -- Healthcare and     Personalized Medicine"
        - "Personalized Medicine and key healthcare resources for efficient     genetic testing in best practice medicine."

    Dr. Wall will also give two talks:
        - "Cloud Computing for Scientific Applications -- Comparative Genomics"
        - "Computational Needs for Personalized Medicine based on Cloud     Computing."

    Prasad Patil will head up a hands-on cloud computing session, in addition to giving one talk:
        - "Managing and Conducting Biomedical Research on the Cloud."

  • A recent publication by members of the LPM and LTB has achieved the coveted status of being "Highly Accessed" on PubMed Central. Congratulations to all those lab members involved with the development of the Genotator paper! Give the Genotator application a try here

  • The LPM has recently submitted four posters to the Faculty of 1000 Poster Review Board. The posters are now live on the F1000 website ( awaiting review. The summary and .pdf of each poster is available on the News page of the LPM website.
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Spring 2011 Bioinformatics Course


  • The Laboratory for Personalized Medicine is currently collaboring several medical and informational organizations as well as individual medical professionals. View our collaborators page for more info.