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August 23, 2013: "New collaboration between LPM and the Reich lab"

August 22, 2013: "Last MMSc grads"

December 18, 2012: "UNESCO-L’Oreal Morocco, Imane Allali received the first prize of the best PhD student"
Congratulations to Imane Allali for receiving the first prize of the best PhD student, granted by UNESCO-L’Oreal Morocco. Read ...

June 13, 2012: "Sequencing Step Now 'Trivial' Part of Clinical Genomics Pipeline amid Analysis, Reimbursement Challenges"
GenomeWeb article discussing barriers involved in clinical application of whole genome sequencing
    Article Transcript

January 2-7, 2012: "Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Training Workshop"
Bioinformatics, Medical information and Translational Medicine,
Medical School of Rabat, Morocco
Peter J. Tonellato

December, 2011: "Vincent Fusaro: Transforming Translational Medicine"
Genome Technology,
Congratulations to Vincent Fusaro for being featured in this article on GenomeWeb: Genome Technology!

October 18-21, 2011: "Transforming Research in the Cloud: A Harvard Medical School Case Study"
2011 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference,
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Peter J. Tonellato & Vincent Fusaro

September 8-10, 2011: "Comparative Analysis of Copy Number Variation Detection Methods Using Next Generation Sequencing" - Poster
12th International Meeting on Human Genome Variation and Complex Genome Analysis,
Claremont Hotel Club and Spa, Berkeley, CA, USA
Sheida Nabavi

August 15-16, 2011: "The hCloud at 30,000 Feet: Cloud Computing Solutions for Mobile Healthcare" - Panel
iHT2 Health IT Summit,
Seattle, WA
Peter J. Tonellato

June 28-30, 2011: "CNV 'hot spots' and Breast Cancer Classification"
NLM Informatics Training Conference 2011,
Bethesda, MD
Sheida Nabavi

June 28-30, 2011: "Designing Effective Clinical Trials Using Simulations"
Dr. Fusaro was selected to receive a "Best Speaker" Award at this year's conference. Congrats Vince!
NLM Informatics Training Conference 2011,
Bethesda, MD
Vincent Fusaro

June 20-22, 2011: "Using Modeling and Simulation on Personalized Medical Decision Support"
2011 INFORMS Healthcare Conference,
Montreal, Canada
Chih-Lin Chi

March 9-11, 2011: "Synthetic Patients Use in Clinical Research"
2011 AMIA Summit on Clinical Research Informatics,
San Francisco, CA
Peter J. Tonellato
        Advance Program

February 15-16, 2011: "IT essentials for a personalized genomic medicine era"
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development/National Science Foundation Workshop: BUILDING A SMARTER HEALTH AND WELLNESS FUTURE,
Washington, D.C.
Peter J. Tonellato
        Workshop Agenda

January 18-19, 2011: "How Current Genomic Technologies are Deployed in Personalized Medicine to Improve Clinical Care" (Seminar)
3rd Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) organized by SilicomVentures
Silicon Valley, California
Peter J. Tonellato
        Conference Program

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