June 2014

Ocean Sampling Day 2014

Our collaborators in Morocco participated to the successful “Ocean Sampling Day 2014″ a team effort led by Dr. Hassan […]

An Explosion Of Bioinformatics Careers

Vincent Fusaro a former lab member and a collaborator was featured as a “Data ninja” by Science Careers (by the […]

October 2013

  • Cancer Applications Workshop2.2

Copy Number Variation Cancer Applications Seminar & Workshop

BioDiscovery and the Laboratory for Personalized Medicine organizes the “Copy Number Variation Cancer Applications Seminar & Workshop”: Tuesday, October 22, […]

September 2013

Amazon “re:Invent” Keynote Lecture

Peter J. Tonellato (HMS, UWM, ZSPH) and Dennis P. Wall (HMS) are invited speakers in the Amazon sponsored event […]

August 2013

New collaboration between LPM and the Reich laboratory

David Reich’s group does ground-breaking population genetics research on ancient DNA samples from human ancestors (e.g., Neanderthals). Their research […]

The last MMSc grads

Congratulations to the last MMSc grads. The grads names First Row left to right Rebecca Iskow Torene, Ph.D. Divya Chhabra, M.B.B.S Amber Dahlin, Ph.D. David […]

Job Title:Personalized Medicine Research Fellowship

Two new employment positions: Personalized Medicine Research Fellowship Summary: The Center for Biomedical Informatics (CBMI) at Harvard Medical School has two […]

December 2012

Imane Allali received the first prize of the best female PhD Student UNESCO-L’Oreal for Women in Science

Congratulations to Imane Allali for receiving the first prize of the best PhD student, granted by UNESCO-L’Oreal Morocco. Imane, […]

June 2012

Sequencing Step Now ‘Trivial’ Part of Clinical Genomics Pipeline amid Analysis, Reimbursement Challenges

“Sequencing Step Now ‘Trivial’ Part of Clinical Genomics Pipeline amid Analysis, Reimbursement Challenges” GenomeWeb article discussing barriers involved in clinical […]

January 2012

Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Training Workshop

“Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Training Workshop” Bioinformatics, Medical information and Translational Medicine, January 2-7, 2012 Sciences School of Rabat in partnership […]